Where is UK immigration now?

After UKIP win in the recent election in the UK and the French National Front win there E.U. seems to be a dirty concept for many.  There is now a clear dislike from the 33% who actually voted in the UK at least of the idea of free movement of labour across European boarders.  The people of the E.U in every country it would appear except Italy has voted for more right wing parties than ever before which is a clear sign change is required.  In the E.U to date there has been an arrogance amongst the ruling classes that they could drive forward with a vision of the Federal state of Europe regardless of the peoples wishes.  The rejection of the Maastricht Treaty by many who were given a referendum on the subject was ignored and they simply held another referendum until they received the result they needed to push ahead. 

People may not continually vote no and accept that their Government will plough ahead regardless when it comes to the E.U.  but now they have actually voted in large numbers for cross country parties to become E.U MP’s.  So these people will be sitting in a Parliament they do not agree with which should make interesting debates over the next few years.  The big reason most people voted for these parties was Immigration and lack of immigration control.  The idea of being racist if you vote against immigration has been overcome and rightly so.  There needs to be a grown up debate about immigration and the management of movement in every country.  Health services, welfare systems, schools and much more are affected by large influxes of new workers and these things must be managed and protected.

Where is UK immigration now?

What would happen if the E.U. had Immigration controls internally?

Well quite frankly very little, up to recent years there were tight Immigration controls at every national boarder and it would be easy to re-introduce without limiting workers right to seek employment.  It may however stem the flow of medical tourist and more importantly take the passion out of the right wing vote winning platform for election.  With beneficial immigration controls the countries are protected and the workers still are able to seek work across the E.U.  Third country nationals living in the E.U are still subject to Immigration controls and so that would not change.

Is the E.U. dream dead?

No it is not dead at all and in fact many people want the E.U and have benefited greatly from the E.U.  Their concern is immigration and therefore the question is not about the E.U but how quickly it is trying to move everyone into a massive super state when they come from such diverse starting points.  Only 70 years ago we had the second world war and even though the past is over and we are all friends now these things take time to heal and I for one as child watched old black and white movies based in the 1940’s and listened to stories of hardship.  The future is bright and the E.U. is a great place to live but the people need to feel secure and protected from cheap labour taking their jobs.

UK Immigration targets

It is impossible for anyone to say how many overseas people live in the UK right now but who cares?  We have always said the UK must either protect it’s boarders with immigration controls for all or accept that an E.U. national should not be counted as an immigrant as the media keep referring to them as.  It is the same as a Scottish person coming to England for work, no one accuse them of being an immigrant.  or at least not right now!

What is the next step for the E.U?

As Albert Einstein said there are only two types of people who predict the future “Those who know they are wrong and those who don;t know they are wrong.” so the minute I make a prediction I am certain it will not come true.  What I can say is that the E.U is far from over and the best days lay ahead.  They just need to listen and adapt to the concerns of their people and living in a democracy that is what makes elections so brilliant.

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