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For many people, living and working in the USA is a dream come true and when one considers the opportunities that the country has to offer, it may not be all that surprising. The USA has one of the best standards of living anywhere in the world and its people enjoy all the benefits that a booming economy has to offer. 

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US Visas - Working in America

Our experience has shown employers in the US receive thousands of applications for jobs from overseas every year.  Many employers will reject the resume on the simple fact it is from overseas and the person would need to comply with US Immigration and secure a US visa and that is difficult to arrange. Our US Immigration experts understand American employers and work to prepare clients resume, references, and qualifications for review to the US employment standard. Our team of immigration experts review international qualifications and complete a conversion so American employers are confident you have the qualifications required to do their job. Our US Immigration team also prepare references to suit the USA.  When you are immigrating to the USA you need to be certain you are supported in every way, beyond just securing a US visa. 

Studying in America

The USA is a vital part of the global economy and studying in the USA opens doors across the globe.  Our USA immigration experts have contracts in thousands of US colleges.  We source the best courses at the best prices.  For those who wish to apply to stay longer in the USA after their studies our US immigration experts are ready in the USA to help you find ways to extend your stay and even secure a US green card.

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Will My Case Be Accepted?

Every visa type has its own specific criteria for acceptance and with hundreds of work permit and visa types available, it’s important that you choose the right one. We deal with thousands of cases every month, so know US immigration inside out. Our advisors will help you to choose the right type of visa for your needs and budget- and help you complete your application quickly and easily. For more information on any visa type, please use our website and complete our free assessment.

Almost all visa applications to the US require that the applicants show that they are in good health and of good character. In order to demonstrate your good character, you will need to obtain a police report from your current country of residence. To show that you are in good health, you will need a medical report from an approved doctor.

From Student to Resident through IXP

Whether you are looking to move to America temporarily or permanently, IXP can help arrange everything from visas to shipping and currency exchange. We are proud to offer the world’s best immigration and employment services to our clients, who rely on our team of experts to help make their relocation go quickly and easily. One of our clients, here, explains her story of studying, working and becoming a resident of the US:

“My American journey began over ten years ago when I was applying to study in America. As I had good grades, I wanted to study at the highest level possible after finishing school. I applied to many American universities and colleges and was accepted on a number of courses. Using IXP’s immigration services, I arranged a study permit for the US and that’s where it all began. After completing my degree, I needed IXP’s help once again to arrange a more permanent stay in the country. I explained my situation to my advisor who was able to talk me through all of the different visa options open to me. As residency was my ultimate aim, I was told to take a visa which would put my residency application in a good light, and a few months later it was granted. I’ve just been granted my citizenship and the feeling of acceptance is huge. I now feel like I truly belong here, in a country that I have spent almost half my life in. Without the guidance and support of my advisor and IXP as a whole, the whole process would have been so much more difficult. I can’t thank IXP for all of the work that they’ve done on my behalf.”

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Last Updated :March 8, 2015

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couldn't be happier with the contact and advice i've had so far. 100% professional service.

Miller, February 24, 2014

My wife and I we are holding a B1/B2 visa for the USA for the past 10years wich he will expire on the 14 September 2014 and we would like to renew for the next 10 there we are the owner of a home in Sorrento, Satellite Beach (FL) and as usual we spend 6 months of the winter over there. Please be so kind if you are in a position to help us in renew the visa,i have sent a registered letter to the American Embassy in London unfortunatly i have recived any reply i ask you to be so kind And let me know if you can help us. I take the opportunity to say thank you so much for your help!

Campanini, September 9, 2014

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