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Working in the UK is a great way to gain international work experience, earn a little extra and be a part of a thriving global economy. The UK is renowned for its great quality of life, providing unrivalled opportunities to its citizens and workers from overseas. 

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What sort of Work Permits are there? 

Work permits are typically given to people who either have a job offer from an eligible British company, or have a skill that is in short supply in the UK so the British Government know that they will easily find a job. 

Tier 2 Work Permits have a number of subcategories, and it's essential that you apply for the right on for your situation. These include options for people who have an existing job offer, and for people who work for the company already but are coming to the UK with their existing employer as part of an Intra-Company Transfer.

Tier 1 Visas also have provisions for exceptional talent, which may be more suitable depending on your personal and business achievements. 

Every application requires you to demonstrate your suitability, and provide documentary evidence to support your claims. It is extremely important that you present your evidence correctly - many independent applicants are rejected every year even though they are perfectly suitable just because they do not provide enough documentary support, or because they arrange things in the wrong way. Our experts work with you to find the right documents to support each part of your application, and to ensure that they are read appropriately by the assessing officer. 

How can the International Employment Preparation Solutions team help me find work in the UK?

IXP Visas’ IEPS team is a group of highly-trained professionals who are dedicated to helping you find the ideal job in the UK. We provide individualized service to every client by assisting with the following: 

  • Finding employment opportunities in the UK
  • Registering and verifying your skills and credentials
  • Developing your CV or résumé to meet international standards
  • Helping you prepare for interviews
  • Ensuring that you secure the correct visa for the UK

We work with a range of recruitment consultants across the UK to find the latest and best opporunities for you. Once we have developed your CV and know that we are presenting you correctly to employers, you will receive regular emails with job opportunities to apply for. Each opportunity has been carefully selected to match your specifications, and once you have found the right one we work with you and your new employer to complete the paperwork to let you immigrate to the UK and start your new job. 

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What type of visa am I eligible for?

The UK visa system is divided into multiple categories called 'Tiers'. While selecting the category that most accurately reflects your background and experience can seem overwhelming, IXP Visas is prepared to help. Our professional consultants are backed by years of success in finding the ideal visa option for every eligible client that we work with. To find out what visa you qualify for, contact IXP Visas directly by taking the free visa assessment. 

We work with both you and your employer to ensure that you have the correct visa for your situation. Our expertise and experience ensures that you are both in safe hands. 

How do I begin my search for a job in the UK?

You can start right now by taking our free visa assessment by clicking on the link below. One of IXP Visas’ consultants will contact you personally to provide the professional assistance that you need to pursue a career in the UK. Put the IEPS team to work for you today and make your dream of finding work in the UK a reality.

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Last Updated :March 8, 2015

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just filled out your online application n waiting to hear from u guys- so far im extremely impressed with your company. lets hope you can get me to england!!

Cresswell, February 24, 2014

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