UK Visas I Have an Elderly Relatives

If you have aged relatives abroad who need your support and care, you can help them come to the UK and provide all of the support they need with the UK Elderly Dependency Visa. This allows close family members to come to the UK under your care, and you must sign a declaration taking on responsibility for supporting them and providing the day to day care that they require.

These applications are based upon a their dependency on you as a present and settled permanent resident or a UK citizen. A UK Elderly Dependency Visa application has no immigration related restrictions on the type of work or business your relative may undertake upon arrival.


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UK Visas - Elderly folk need visas too

If your relative successfully applies for a family member visa of this kind, they will be granted leave to enter the UK and the freedom to live and work in Britain without restriction. Unlike a UK work permit application, which would depend upon a specific job offer from a UK company, this immigration service allows candidates to seek and undertake employment upon arrival without constraint. However, work is not the primary aim of this visa and the main benefit is that your relative can come to the UK to be with you.

Applicants for UK Elderly Dependency visas for immigration can normally apply for British naturalization as a UK citizen after they have spent 5 years continuously in the country. They must also have held permanent residence status for 1 year preceding the application and they must have met all other naturalisation requirements.

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Who is Eligible?

People who wish to apply for a UK Elderly Dependency visa must be related to a person who is present and settled in one of the following ways:

  • Mother or Grandmother who is a widow aged 65 years or over
  • Father or Grandfather who is a widower aged 65 years or over
  • Parents or Grandparents travelling together of whom at least one is aged 65 or over
  • Parent or Grandparent aged 65 or over who has remarried but cannot look to the spouse or children of the second marriage for financial support and the person settled in the United Kingdom is able and willing to support him and any dependants
  • Parents or Grandparents under the age of 65, living alone, in the most exceptional compassionate circumstances and mainly dependent financially on relatives settled in Britain

There must also be evidence that the visa applicant:

  • Is financially mainly dependent on the relative present and settled in the UK
  • Can and will be maintained and accommodated with any dependants without recourse to public funds
  • Has no other relative in his own country to whom they could turn for financial support

This visa class usually requires medical support as well as financial records to show that they are dependent on you, and require your support. Your consultant at IXP will guide you through this process to ensure that your relative has a solid case in their favour.

If you would like to bring a relative to the UK but they do not fit the age requirement, there are still options available to you. Adult Dependency Visas allow younger applicants, and if you have a child that is dependent on you there are a number of routes to bring them to the UK. However, all UK Visas have strict requirements and you must often show that you have the funds necessary to support them. 

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Last Updated :June 12, 2014

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