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UK is one of the world’s most popular destinations for tourists and immigrants alike and every year the country atrtracts millions to its shores. The multicultural cities, world-renowned education system, and excellent rates of pay are just some of the things that draw thousands of people to the island every year.

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How Do UK Visas Work?

The system for UK immigration consists of 5 tiers that are open to all citizens outside of the EU.

The UK needs overseas skills, students and of course people would like their family to join them in the UK. We assist with all these cases through the different visa types. It is worth noting in the UK, immigration policy changes quite often so always keep in touch for the latest news.

What are the Main UK Visa Types and Tiers?

Tier 1 Visas

These are for highly skilled people who wish to come to the UK. Visas are granted on a points based system which considers (among other things) education, skills, funds, etc. It is important to present yourself in the correct way to ensure you secure the points you need to gain your visa.

Within the Tier 1 scheme, people can also secure entry based on exceptional talent or as an investor. All of these visas are difficult to secure and take expertise to avoid the many pitfalls.

Tier 2 Visas

These visas are issued to employees of companies with a licence to employ overseas nationals. These companies are required to maintain immigration compliant records and prove that they genuinely need overseas workers because they can’t fill their positions within the UK. Often, these employers are not able to secure or maintain a license therefore unable to hire overseas staff. Our aim is to work with the employer and their staff to ensure that the skills they need are available on-demand to the business.

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Tier 3 Visas

These visas for unskilled workers have been suspended until further notice. If your research so far had led you to believe that this is the best visa for you, simply get in touch and our experts will offer a free, personal consultation to find a new way to come to the UK.

Tier 4 Visas

Students from overseas can only study in colleges and universities who are registered and licensed to teach international students. The student may apply for a visa but recent controversies and policy changes surrounding student visas have made the process more difficult. However, this is no reason to be put off – the work in getting into a UK institution and gaining a visa is most definitely worth it as UK degrees are recognised around the world. Simply put it is a long process with a high margin of error for what should be a simple visa. It is important to get it right or you may face months of delays and possibly miss the beginning of your course.

Tier 5 Visas

This visa class is for the Youth Mobility Scheme. These are for people who want to travel to the UK and work for a year before going home. This is a fantastic visa for young people to help them gain work experience while they enjoy the British lifestyle. This scheme is only open to certain countries, and it is worth checking that you are on the list.

IXP Visas’ experts are trained in UK visas, and we maintain our knowledgebase with the latest information to ensure that you have the best chance of success when you apply through us. Our staff and offices have national and international accreditations that reinforce the value of our work, and ensure that we maintain our high standards of customer service.


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Last Updated :March 8, 2015

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