Top 10 Reason for Emigration to Canada

This year Canada has been the most popular destination for many nationalities wishing to emigrate so we decided to conduct our own survey of over 3,500 migrants heading to Canada in the past few months with the help of IXP Visas the world leading Canadian Immigration firm to find out what the attraction was to this vast but some would say rather boring country.  We have complied a list of their responses and put them into the “Top Ten” reason people have given to live in Canada.  On the face of it maybe Canada is not such a dull and boring choice.

 Top 10 Reason for Emigration to Canada

1. Canada has been Rated the BEST Place to Live again and again and……. again!

In 1994 the United Nations rated Canada as the best country in the world for standard of living and our survey supports this with over 60% of people supporting this view.  Once Canada won this prestigious acclaim in 1994 they liked it so much they have retained the title ever since.  The only thing to say about that is well done to Canada.  The award is not just based on low crime, freshness of air or health care but many factors as the website shows which you may want to look at after reading the other top nine reason here.

2. A Booming economy as the USA main importer of raw materials

We all know the image of Canadian Mounties on horse back or the indian style open canoe on the lake with three generations of men fishing but do not be fooled into thinking Canada is laid back.  In fact Canada is one of the world’s richest and most stable economies.   During the financial crisis while the rest of the world was is a tail spin Canadian’s kept on fishing and hunting safe in the knowledge their economy was bullet proof.  As the biggest trade partner of the USA Canada has the world’s biggest market on it’s own doorstep and they make the most of the relationship.  Economic growth is assured in Canada for many years to come.

3. “Here is to a long and happy life”

The average life expectancy is 76.5 years.  That maybe down to the fresh air and the free healthcare or the health and safety people but the record would suggest it is far more than that and you have to take into account many factors to even get close to the secret of their long and happy lives.  From Diet to life style, health care to standard of wages it all contributes to a very healthy population.  In fact Canadian Health care is one of the very best in the world and it is totally free.

4. Instant wealth – great rates of pay

The average annual income is approximately $40,000.  That is a step up from the E.U. and the USA not to mention Asia and Africa.  Those types of wages and low cost of living make for an excellent standard of living and plenty of disposable income.  So you can be sure to afford the best snow mobile maybe or you may want to spend your money on a monster 4×4 car and family home.  Whatever you want to spend your income on is up to you but one this is for sure with the lowest unemployment rate since 1976 at just 6.4% you will not need to worry about finding well paid work.  That said if you were out of work the social welfare system is fantastic and often criticised for being too generous and the reason why there is 6.4% unemployment it is claimed is because they are just content on welfare income alone.

5. Low taxes

It is not often a country reduces it’s taxes.  In the UK during the great wars they introduce VAT as an emergency measure.  It was so successful they decided to keep it, which is not uncommon in many counties as taxes pile on taxes but in Canada they have actually reduced taxes quite often leading to an extremely attractive tax rate for business and employees.  household inflation is around 2.3% and the stable dollar backed by a strong economy makes Canada a safer bet than any other leading economy such as Germany or China.  Sound fundamentals have delivered a stable, productive economy meaning Canadians keep more of their income than any other leading economy. 

6. Business friendly

Unlimited opportunities for development exist in the natural resources, manufacturing, construction, import/export, commerce, high-tech and service industries.  It is easy to setup a business in Canada and the law is all in favour of hard work and ambition.

Drill it, cut it, mine it,, grow it, build it.  The very best economies are those that make stuff and grow things.  Canada does all of that with ample natural resources and the worlds biggest market to export to down the road they have a captive market for their unlimited supply of goods.  The problem Canada faces is not having enough people to fill all the jobs.   This is a lovely problem to have and one they will never overcome as long as they keep growing at the rate they are.  Now with a growing hi-tech and services sector Canada is a world beating force consuming talent from all over the world to build their vision of the future based on sustainable growth.

7. Education, Education, Education

Canadian education is like Canada itself.  Well rounded and clear about its objectives with the ability and resources to deliver.  Students can expect a free education up to 18 with subsidised University and college places after that.  More Canadians take advantage of these benefits than anywhere else and why not!  The list of top colleges and schools in Canada is endless and they invest heavily in their future and their children.  Education is prized in Canada and they are proud of what they offer their students.

8. Welfare system

Unlike many countries such as the USA, Canada has a fully functioning all supporting health and welfare system.  They believe in helping their Citizens through tough times as everyone will eventually find their way back to employment and being productive.  If not their systems are in place to support the long term sick and it is free to all to use

9. Low crime rates

No Guns, no need for gun laws!  The Canadian justice system is well respected and the crime rate is very low.  Even though 90% of the Canadian population live within just 100 miles of the USA boarder there could not be a bigger contrast in their crime rates and use of guns and drugs.  Canada has managed to avoid much of the modern crime issues faced by other countries and are fortunate to live peaceful lives, crime free.  Maybe this is due to their continued commitment to community Policing and local support. 


As Canada grew and people came from around the world like most modern cosmopolitan economies Canada has benefited hugely from the many different cultures and peoples arriving.  In many cities like Toronto you will find neighbourhood dedicated to those immigrant groups.  These days it is less about the immigrant populations but more about the foods and flavours you can experience in those areas with a wide variety of foods from Portugal to Peru you will find every creed, colour and culture in Canada leading to a fantastic range of restaurants to choose from!

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