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Norway's green, progressive economy and society has long attracted people who want to live in one of the world's best-educated and most affluent countries. Norway abounds with awe-inspiring natural sights with a thriving metropolitan collection of large towns and cities, too.

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Skilled Worker Work Permit

Qualifying for a Norway Work Permit as a skilled worker requires that you have either vocational training in a skilled occupation, university or college education, or another area of special expertise. You must also have a confirmed offer of employment from a Norwegian business. Your job will need to meet certain pay and skill requirements, so click on the free assessment to find out if you qualify to work in Norway.

Skilled Jobseeker Work Permit

A Work Permit for Norway can also be obtained without an offer of employment. The ‘skilled jobseeker’ Norway work permit allows you to live in Norway for 6 months in order to look for work. Once an applicant has found work in Norway they will be required to apply for a standard Skilled Worker Visa. The eligibility criteria for this category of visa is the same as the Skilled Worker Permit (excluding the confirmed offer of employment). Take the free assessment to find out if you qualify for working in Norway.

Self-Employed Work Permit

You can apply for a visa to live and work in Norway if you intend on starting your own business in the country. Eligibility depends on your funds and business expertise. Like the Skilled Worker Visa, you will be required to meet certain skill and education requirements. Click on the free assessment to find out if you can apply to be a self-employed businessman working in Norway.

Other Types of Work in Norway

There are many different ways to qualify for work in Norway. Aside from the above categories of Norway Work Visa, your options include:

  • The Specialist Visa for high-earners
  • Qualifying for part-time work with a Norway Student Visa
  • Visas for employees of international companies with offices in Norway
  • A visa for self-funded researchers
  • Seasonal Worker Visa (for unskilled workers)
  • A range of cultural and exchange programs

The above are just some of the many different pathways to working in Norway. With so many options to choose from, it is important that you consult the experts at IXP Visas to find the ideal Norway work visa for your needs.


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Last Updated :March 7, 2014

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