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There are four main categories of New Zealand visa: working, residence, student and travel. Within these categories there are many different sub-groups of New Zealand visas, each with different requirements. IXP have years of experience in NZ immigration, so we know what the right type of visa is right for you and your needs.


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Working in NZ

There are many different types of visas for New Zealand for those interested in moving to New Zealand for employment. These include temporary work visas, work to residence visas and working holiday visas. An NZ visa for is most commonly given to those who offer a specialist skill or show outstanding talent in their field, (particularly if their skill is related to the arts, culture or sport), and last between nine months and three years. If you wish to stay less than 12 months, (or up to 23 months for some nationalities), a working holiday visa for New Zealand can be obtained for many positions including professional jobs.

New Zealand

Moving to NZ on a Permanent Basis

Permanent residence is available for those who have successfully applied for a work to residence visa, have invested a certain amount in the country, or set up their own successful business. A fresh New Zealand visa application is required to apply for residence, as it is not automatically given once you have reached these criteria.

Studying in New Zealand

Study visas are given to students upon acceptance of a place in an academic institution, once they have paid all or part of their tuition fees. A student visa is awarded for a maximum of four years and is a great way to utilise some of New Zealand’s outstanding academic institutions.

Just Visiting

Tourism is NZ’s largest export and the country welcomes more than two and a half million visitors a year. If you, too, would like to experience this beautiful country on a temporary basis, then a travel visa is perfect for your needs. These are, obviously, temporary visas intended for tourism and do not represent a route to permanent immigration to New Zealand. The length of each visa is dependent on your country of residence and, in some cases, you may not need a visa at all to visit.

From Holidaymaker to Resident through IXP

We often get clients coming back to us time and again for new visas. They simply fall in love with the country that they’re in and can’t bear the thought of leaving. Of course, we’re happy to help and even happier when we’re able to completely change someone’s life for the better.

“I first got in contact with IXP to arrange my working holiday in New Zealand. I wanted to gain some work experience and spend my time travelling around the country. From the first time I touched down in NZ, I could feel something special about the place and thought that I may never leave. I had never seen anywhere as beautiful before and I was worried that six months simply wouldn’t be enough for me. As time went on, the feeling didn’t go away and I was loving every second of my job and new life in the country. After just a few months there, I knew I had to call IXP again to see whether I could stay any longer. Luckily, they were able to arrange a longer term visa for me which would eventually lead to residency. Had I been left to organise everything myself, I’m not sure I could have done it- or worse, it could have been rejected. The guys at IXP made my case so easy to handle and their staff were always ready to talk to me whenever I had any questions. Sometimes you just have to trust your gut feeling and I’m glad to say that this time I was right.”

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Last Updated :March 8, 2015

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