Immigration Canada release the top destinations for migrants

In recent years thousands of people have emigrated to Canada and Canada Immigration Department has compiled a report on where in Canada these immigrants eventually settle and the results are in.

Immigration Canada release the top destinations for migrants

Over 74% of all people settled in just three Metro areas with Toronto receiving the bulk share at 46% of all the migrants followed by only 15% settling in Vancouver and Montréal at only 13%. Clearly Toronto is the big winner when it comes to an influx of foreign works but why is this?

Our findings suggest Toronto already has the largest migrant population Which is a clear draw to new migrants. Our clients who are going looking for Immigration to Canada often cite family as their main reason for selecting their final location on arrival.

People like to go into their own communities on arrival in a new country and this has been happening since the Dutch emigrated to the UK after the Tulip collapse in the 1600’s. From there across the globe you will always find clusters of migrants broken down by country of origin in every country across the globe. Within cities areas become known for certain migrant population. These areas often change hands over the generations as the migrant population first generation die away the second generation venture out into the broader community as they no longer see themselves as being migrants by fully fledged Canadians.

A great example and one of the most famous is Little Italy in New York. In the US and not Canada I know but has been made famous by an endless stream of gangster movies one would be surprised today to find no Italians in Little Italy as the neighbourhood has been taken over by the latest immigrants to NY.

In Canada The Government reports agree with our own findings and people flow to family and friends who are already in the new country. A distant fourth place is Calgary with only 5% of migrants while Ottawa comes in with 2%. So if you would like to get away from the home country then you know where to go and Ottowa is no better or worse than Toronto in the way of jobs and resources.

Do people always settle in the first choice area?

The answer is no they do not with only 87% of those who stated they were going to emigrate to Toronto actually settled there with the majority who decided not ending up in Vancouver. A good choice in my opinion and a valuable lesson that in my opinion you should leave your options open on arrival to make sure you are making the right choice for you and not just because your friend is living there.

Immigrants value jobs next to family

While 25% of all Immigrants to Canada stated family was the most important reason to select a region 22% stated employment was the main reason for the decision on the area they live in. This is interesting for our company as we have recruitment partners across Canada and while people claim they are happy to go where the work is, in practice this is not always the case. Yes, they will pick between Toronto and Vancouver depending on the best job offer but if the job was in Calgary or even Ottawa our clients often decline the offer!

We have found something amazing, not that people are happy to take on work but like to be near family as that is obvious. What we have found client who takes a leap of faith and accepts a great job in a location they were initially against due to lack of community support found they liked it so much they stayed.

In fact 90% of our clients who take the leap settle in the location rather than move closer to their community. We can also confirm they are often more successful migrants as they build a stronger support network from the local community and avoid many pitfalls of living deep in a community of overseas nationals only.

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This is so funny as it reminds me of what happened when I move to Canada. People all seem to have the same issues 🙂 Great page -keep up the fab work

Trope, June 24, 2014

It has been since last 10 years I am dreaming to settle down in Canada, work there and live with my family. I have heard that Ontario and Toronto is the safest place to stay with family. However I am ready to stay anywhere if it is ensured that staying with family is safe. I want to settle down in Canada and it’s my dream in my life. Can you help me… My number is +971…..

LAZER, October 9, 2014

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