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Welcome to IXP Visas - the most secure way to apply for immigration to Dubai. Our accredited experts will work with you to find your ideal visa with the peace of mind that your case is in the hands of the very best.

IXP Visas has several offices around the world – including our Dubai office. As the leading visa company, we give our clients the confidence they need to make their immigration dreams a reality. Call it the wisdom of crowds or strength in numbers, whatever you call it, four million happy clients can’t be wrong.

Our immigration and relocation experts not only assist you with immigration law but can help with your entire relocation - from opening a bank account and looking for that perfect job to real estate and shipping. Take the free assessment below to start your immigration journey today.

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Different paths to Dubai immigration

If you are interested in long-term (or permanent) UAE immigration, your main options come under the employment, family and business categories of Dubai visa.

Employment-based Dubai immigration

The standard Dubai work permit is your best path to Dubai immigration. An initial application grants a three-year visa which can be extended indefinitely. To find out more about the employment path to Dubai immigration visit the Dubai Work Visa page and read about the “Dubai work permit” and the “Dubai work permit (public sector)”.

Family-sponsored immigration Dubai

If you have family in the UAE you may be eligible for immigration to Dubai with family sponsorship. This allows you to stay in Dubai based on your family connection. It requires the sponsorship of the family member residing in the UAE.

UAE Dubai Passport Stamp Visa

Business and investor UAE immigration

The UAE immigration system encourages entrepreneurs and investors, so there are a variety of visas catering to businesspeople. These grant residency in the UAE provided the applicant has proof of business practices or investment. 

IXP Visas: Offering free advice for immigration to Dubai

Immigration to Dubai can be achieved via a number of avenues. It is therefore vital that you seek expert advice to find the right one for your needs. Contacting IXP Visas for Dubai immigration advice couldn’t be easier. Simply click on the link below and fill out the free assessment form.

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Last Updated :March 5, 2014

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