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The UAE is one of the world’s richest countries and is going through a massive boom right now. There are few more sought-after destinations for immigrants and tourists alike than Dubai, and the city still attracts millions of visitors every year. 

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The IXP Visas website is a great source of information – that’s why more than four million people visit it every year. But if you’re preparing for Dubai immigration it’s important to get expert advice that’s based on your circumstances and country of origin. That’s why we recommend that you put your case in the hands of the experts at IXP Visas. We’ll save you time and worry by explaining how the UAE immigration rules affect you, your family and your business. Get in touch today by taking our free online assessment.

Comprehensive UAE Immigration Services

IXP Visas' staff have many years experience in handling UAE immigration cases, but we don’t just deal with one type of client. If you’re a student, we can advise you on sponsored study visas. For partners and families who want to join workers already in Dubai, IXP Visas can help explain how residence permits work. We may be a big company, but we never forget that every client wants to be treated like an individual. Find out further information on our Dubai Immigration page.

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Better Prospects Abroad

Immigrating to the UAE can be a life-changing experience. For many, it represents a new and better life, where there are plenty of opportunities to work hard and earn well. Here, our client tells us about his journey to Dubai:

“I had never really given much thought to leaving my home country, but times hadn’t been so bad in my lifetime. There was no work for anyone and what work there was wasn’t well paid at all. I had spent many days, weeks and months looking for a suitable job before I finally decided that I needed a radical solution. I talked to some of my friends and family about immigrating- as many of them had worked abroad before- and I was told that I should go for it. They say that doing the same thing every day and expecting different results is madness, so I had to do something to change my life. One of the friends I spoke to recommended IXP’s services as they had helped his sister to move abroad and she had nothing but good words to say about them. After taking my free online assessment, I was contacted by an advisor who talked to me about my situation. I explained that I was desperate to find a good job abroad and that I didn’t really mind where I went. We talked for a long time about all of the different places that needed workers and Dubai seemed to fit the bill perfectly. The Employment team helped me by sending me loads of information and contacts for recruiters in the UAE who were looking for migrant workers. It was only a matter of months before everything was accepted and I had a job offer from a company in Dubai. I can’t believe that I spent so much time before contacting IXP, they have truly changed my life.”

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Last Updated :March 7, 2014

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