Dubai Business Visas

Doing business in Dubai is the dream of many entrepreneurs worldwide. For the last fifty years the country has undergone huge changes, making it the top destination for businesspeople  from around the globe.

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Dubai Investor Visa

This category of Dubai business visa is designed to grant residence to anyone making a significant investment in the UAE economy. It grants a maximum of three years in the country. To find out if you can qualify for a UAE investor visa just take the free assessment.

Business Partner visa Dubai

Similar to the Dubai Investor Visa, the “Partner” business visa for UAE grants residence based on your business practices. The difference is that this visa requires the applicant to have a certain value of shares in a company. Security deposit payments are also required.

UAE Dubai Passport Stamp Visa

Multiple entry business visa for UAE

If you have business operations or a business relationship with a UAE company, you may be eligible for a multiple entry visa. This allows you to go in and out of Dubai as many times as you like. Applying will require proof of your business activities.

Other types of business visa for Dubai

There are a range of different categories of Dubai business visa, each catering to specific individual needs. The Mission Visa, for example, is available for business men and professionals for short-term business trips to Dubai, and requires sponsorship from a UAE company. Take the free assessment to find out which business visa for UAE is best for your needs. Find out further information on our Dubai Student Visa page.


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Last Updated :March 8, 2015

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