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Dubai, as part of the UAE, has risen to global prominence in the last fifty years, becoming one of the most affluent places on earth, where businesses come to do deals and the well-heeled come to spend their downtime.

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UAE Visa for Work

To secure a UAE visa to work you will require an employer who will sponsor your case. Our network of global recruitment contacts make finding such an employer easier than ever before. Our clients come to us for a comprehensive immigration and employment solution, helping them to find their dream job in their dream location. There are many different work permits and visa types available for working in the UAE, just take a look at some of the options on our website or take the free assessment to speak with an advisor today.

UAE Job Hunting

Our team of employment experts do more than just prepare our clients for employment in the UAE we help you secure the best jobs in the UAE. We have thousands of links to employers we know and we also have strong relationship with UAE recruitment companies who we have selected to work with our clients to pro-actively find the best employers for our clients. Even before you enter the UAE, we will be working hard to secure you the best jobs in the UAE. We believe it is vital when you are emigrating to the UAE you have the best support and not just a visa. 

UAE Dubai Passport Stamp Visa

More than a UAE Visa

As the world’s leader in UAE visas, employment and relocation services, IXP Visas is prepared to assist with every aspect of your move to the UAE. After all, moving to a completely new country is a difficult task, so you need the very best professional service on your side to make it happen. Make the next step today and contact IXP Visas by clicking on the link for your free assessment.

A New Life in Dubai

Getting a visa to work in one of the world’s richest countries is just the start. Our comprehensive immigration and employment service can help you settle quickly and easily in the UAE with services ranging from currency exchange to shipping. Here, one of our clients talks to us about his journey:

“Living and working in Dubai had long been a dream of mine and it became a reality a few years ago, all thanks to IXP. I had heard a lot about Dubai after seeing it on television, in newspapers and on the internet. There seemed to be so much going on there, really the place to be. The place looked amazing, too, with beautiful buildings, beaches and weather all year round. So, really, it was a no-brainer! I called IXP after hearing about them on the internet and spoke to my advisor about my dream to move to Dubai. She told me all about what I could expect from life in the Gulf and she also told me how IXP could help me find work there too. Together we set about completing my application which from my end was very straightforward. At the same time, I was getting lots of information about jobs in the UAE and had my new C.V. sent to me by the IXP recruitment team. It took a lot of hard work, but not a lot of time, for me to find an employer in Dubai who was willing to sponsor me. Within weeks, I was living my new dream life in Dubai. Now that I am here with a good job, house and life, I have to say a big thank you to IXP who made the whole process a breeze.”

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Last Updated :March 8, 2015

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Just filled in the online form and cannot wait to get my move to the UAE sorted!! I only made my decision after reading this website- its full of great information that has been really useful. Thanks

Aanholt, February 25, 2014

My spirit was lifted after reading the above comment, I also pray that very soon I will give mine . Please keep it up.

Sanni, June 10, 2014

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