Canadian Immigration end their Moratorium

After much news grabbing headlines, public outrage and ministerial intervention, The Minister of Employment and Social Development announced the moratorium on the Food Services Sector has come to an end. That means worker can now apply under the Temporary Workers Scheme and also employers can use their LMO licences to fill the roles they desperately need to fill. During the initial allegations which led to the original action the CEO of McDonalds in Canada called the claims of under paying overseas nationals to avoid paying local Canadians higher wages “Complete BullS**t….” which is strong language for anyone on a major news channel however he was right to take a hardline and now not only McDonalds but also all fast food chains and many other food outlets can secure the skills they need.

Canadian Immigration end their Moratorium

Who is eligible for a Work Visa under this Scheme?

If you have experience in the food industry and was a manager or team leader we would like to hear from you as we have been asked by all the major fast food outlets from McDonalds, Subways, TacoBell, KFC and others to source the talent they need to join their team. In fact last month we secure dozens of interviews and many job offers while we waited for the moratorium to come to an end. If you would like to live and work in Canada and like the sound of this new and exciting opportunity get in touch.

What is the downside?

There are very few down sides to these Work Visas. We can only suggest that you put your best foot forward. One concern is that the initial visa is not PR and that means you must stay with your employer and if you decide to move to a new company they will need to secure a new work permit for you before you move across. You can be assured however you will receive equal pay and conditions as a Canadian Citizen and they are some of the very best in any country in the world.

This makes the marketing phrase “Would you like to go large with that?” a brand new spin.

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pls fine me a job in canada. ..

Ramakrishnan, September 9, 2014

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