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As the second-largest Canadian province, Quebec can offer a whole world of opportunity to those who are looking to immigrate there. It’s largest city, Montreal, is one of the Canadian cultural hubs and one of Canada’s most popular destinations for tourists and immigrants alike. As the only officially French-speaking province, Quebec is proud to be different but still has the same progressive attitude to immigration as the rest of Canada.

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Canda Work Permits - Routes into Quebec

The Quebec skilled migration class for Canadian immigration is an option for skilled immigration to Quebec, contrasted with the Skilled Workers Visa used in other Canadian provinces. Both programmes provide points based routes for immigration to Canada, which offer permanent residency status for workers with desirable skills.

Under the Canada-Quebec Accord, in matters of immigration, Quebec takes a key role in determining which immigrants settle in the province based on their ability to adapt to living in Quebec.

If you wish to immigrate to Quebec but do not meet the requirements of this route, you may still be able to live and work in Canada permanently if you apply for a Canadian visa of another kind.

What are the Benefits?

As with the federal version of the skilled working visa for Canadian permanent residence, applying for a Quebec skilled worker visa for Canada affords unrestricted access to the domestic job market without the need for a Canadian work permit, a sponsoring employer, or a specific job offer.

Unlike the range of Canadian visit visas and tourist visas for Canada, this route is intended as a permanent Canadian visa for immigration. In accordance with this, no restrictions are placed upon the type of work that successful applicants may undertake.

Immigration Stamp

Eligibility Criteria

The Quebec immigration selection system for this type of visa calculates a candidate's ability to become economically established and to integrate and adapt to Quebec culture.

Applicants must meet the minimum points requirements. Applicants bringing a spouse or common-law partner must meet a higher pass mark in order to gain a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ).

However, under this route, visa applications are still subject to assessment by the Canada immigration service body, Citizenship and Immigration Canada, (CIC).

CIC will require documentary evidence to demonstrate your ability to support yourself and your family and to prove that you do not have any criminal convictions.

The Points System

These visas, like some other Canadian visas, require the applicant to score above a certain amount on what’s called the Points System. This system is designed to test the candidate’s suitability to live and work in Canada. Factors under consideration include:

  • Education
  • Employment
  • Work Experience
  • Age
  • Language Proficiency
  • Visits to and Ties with Quebec

From Africa to Canada through IXP

Language is so important. It’s the way that we communicate and understand other people, so being able to speak the language of your new homeland is vital. Our client thought that he had no chance of immigrating to Canada before he talked to us:

“Because I was born in the Ivory Coast, I was brought up speaking French. I really didn’t know any other language when I began to look for a new life overseas. I did consider moving to France itself but had second thoughts when I was told about the cost of living there. Of course, I considered America and I really would have loved to have gone there but my English just wasn’t good enough. When I called IXP I was already quite frustrated with myself for not learning English but my advisor recommended Quebec. It seems very obvious now but I didn’t think of Canada as a French-speaking country. As my assessment would be based on my language skills, it was essential that I could be judged on my French. Thankfully, I scored the necessary points and was offered a job in Montreal. I’m so happy that I was able to immigrate with the help of IXP.”

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Last Updated :March 8, 2015

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