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Our experience in immigration and employment services make IXP the only name you’ll need if you’re thinking of immigrating to Canada.  Since 1996 when we were founded by ex-immigration officers we have become the world's largest and most successful immigration company.  Our offices span the globe and we win cases others can not.  Over 94% of our clients would refer a friend and our success rate is second to none.  

Canada is one of the most popular destinations for those looking to immigrate. Because of its beautiful scenery, friendly people and booming economy, it’s easy to see why the country is so popular. It truly is a country built on immigration and that trend looks to continue for many years to come. Indeed, the Canadian economy is reliant on the hard work of migrants, so there are always a great many opportunities for those looking to build a new life for themselves abroad.

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Working in Canada

We help every step of the way from securing your visa, finding a job, organising your case and helping you to settle in your new home. Our professionalism and dedication to our clients is what makes us the world’s number one.

Canada attracts a quarter of a million immigrants each and every year and most of these people come to the country to find work. There are many different routes to immigration through work and IXP can help you make sense of all of these options. Don't risk having your case for immigration rejected by the Canadian authorities and come to us to provide you with a top quality immigration consultancy service. Our team of immigration experts can help you to put together a great case for immigration so you can rest asssured that you're in the best possible hands.

For short-term work, our clients can apply for our great range of work permits that allow foreign nationals to gain some valuable Canadian work experience. But if you’re looking to make your move a little more permanent then the Provincial Nomination Program or Federal Skilled Worker visa could be the answer. Whatever your circumstances and goals, IXP can help you make sense of your options and prepare your case to give you the best possible chance of acceptance.

Studying in Canada

Canada boasts one of the world’s best educational systems, with schools and colleges catering for all courses, ages and abilities. A Canadian education can be an asset in the global marketplace, and studying in Canada provides one of the fastest routes to Canada immigration.  If you would like to immigrate to Canada to study, our dedicated Study Abroad Services team is here to help. Whether you want to go to college or university in Canada or take a short course of study in Canada, we can secure your course in the best colleges and provide a Canadian Visa for study.

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Immigration Services

We provide a full Canada immigration service to ensure that your move to Canada is simple and stress-free.  We partner with the best organisations around the world to help you with everything from shipping and foreign exchange to banking and insurance. We also provide employment preparation services so that you can begin working in Canada in the best possible way.

New Friends in a New Country

A lot of the time when people go to study abroad, they end up making strong connections to their host country and inevitably want to stay. We’ve helped thousands of people to achieve this over the years and here is just one example of the kind of work we do.

“Living in Toronto was always my dream and thanks to IXP it was a dream that came true. At first, I went to Canada to get my degree but wanted to work as well during my study. IXP helped me to arrange the correct visas and permits to make this possible and helped me to understand what my options would be once my studying had come to an end. Sure enough, after living in Canada for three years, I wanted to stay there with my new friends and colleagues. My degree made my case for immigration even stronger and my advisor suggested that I apply for residency through the Provincial Nomination Program. Once my case was accepted, I truly felt like a part of Canadian society. The feeling of belonging and acceptance really is something that you can't put a price on and I can't thank IXP enough for making my dreams come true.“

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Last Updated :March 7, 2014

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