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Our experience in Canada immigration and employment services make IXP the only name you’ll need if you’re thinking of immigrating to Canada.  Here is our guide to Canada Immigration and the things they look for when reviewing your visa application.  

Canada is one of the most popular destinations for those looking to immigrate.  It truly is a country built on immigration and that trend looks to continue for many years to come. Indeed, the Canadian economy is reliant on the hard work of migrants, so there are always a great many opportunities for those looking to build a new life for themselves abroad.

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How Canada Immigration Works

We hope our website and advice can help you every step of the way from securing your visa, finding a job, organising your case and helping you to settle in your new home.  Canada Immigration is a world leaders and since they introduced their system of Immigration control many countries like the UK have followed them.  Here is a brief explanation of Canadian Immigration and why the rules came about.  

Canada attracts a quarter of a million immigrants each and every year and most of these people come to the country to find work or other reasons.  So Canada Immigration has to find a way to break down the different reasons for immigration to Canada and from where.  As and ex-immigration officer this is how it was explained to me.

Canadian Immigration - Who is a Visa Nationals and Non-Visa National?

A Visa national is a person who requires a visa to enter Canada regardless of the reason for their visit and their case is reviewed carefully before the visa is granted.  The selection of Canadian visa national countries is a based the wealth of the country and ideological thinking of that country.  In the past two good examples would be Russia and Chinese who would have required a visa due to their communist views while Somalia and Nigeria would have required visas due to economic reasons.  Non Visa nationals are allowed to enter Canada more freely so the first thing is to find out if you are a non visa or a visa national.

What are all the Canada Visa Types

At this point I could list a few to let you see them but before I do I want to outline that there really are only five main types of visas or visa classes or at least this how Canada Immigration have listed them.  This does not include any obligations under the 1951 UN refugee policies in place as they sit outside immigration policy.

Express Entry

Since Jan 2015 Canada launched their Express Entry Visas to aide skills entering the country.  This is a points based systems and brings together Work Permits, LMO's, Federal Skills Visas and Provincial nominations.  Since we had the scheme we have already seen great improvements in how things move forward.  To apply each person will require an IELTS (English Language Test) and have their skills assessed.  You will also need to have a profession that appears on the N.O.C A,B or O.  You can then earn points in various ways and once you reach the threshold you will be invited to apply for an express entry Visa.  Source: Brighter Visas

1) Canadian Work Visas

  • Federal Skilled Worker
  • Work Permit
  • Expression of Interest
  • Provincial Nomination
  • LMO

Just a few different flavours to securing a working visa but they are all basically looking for the same thing.  To ensure the person is conducive to the Canadian economy and will not be taking local workers jobs and under cutting the market.  While not going to be burden on the public purse.  Work Permits are all about securing skills and workers to keep the economy flowing.

2) Canada - Family Visas

  • Marriage Visas
  • De-facto Visas
  • Dependent Relatives

This visa class is about human interests.  A successful worker wants to be surrounded by their family and loved ones.  In Saudi Arabia for example the immigrant is not able to bring their family and this leads to social problems as the migrant workers have no roots in the country nor family to love them.  In these visa types the immigration policy is looking for people to show they can afford to support and accommodate their family and they will not be a burden to others.  Security issues are also reviewed in these cases like criminal records, links to political parties, health records.  These are standard checks to keep Canada safe.  Once of course the family link has been established!

3) Canada - Study Visas

Canada boasts one of the world’s best educational systems, with schools and colleges catering for all courses, ages and abilities. A Canadian education can be an asset in the global marketplace, and studying in Canada provides one of the fastest routes to Canada immigration.  If you would like to immigrate to Canada to study, our dedicated Study Abroad Services team is here to help. Whether you want to go to college or university in Canada or take a short course of study in Canada, we can secure your course in the best colleges and provide a Canadian Visa for study.

This allows a person to work in Canada after they finish their study and secure a work permit.  After all once Canada has educated you they want to keep you working in their economy.  This is a great visa to Canada if you do not have many skills yet.

The Authorities look at funds and security issues prior to issuing the visa but this is often straight forward as it is a temporary visa to start.


International Travel Documents

4) Highly skilled or investor

With Highly skilled or investor Visas the Canada Immigration policy is to ensure the promise of these skills and investments are going to materialise.  They look at security issues as well and family but far more focused on the money.

  • Federal Skilled Workers
  • Investors
  • Business
  • Provincial schemes

These cases are closely reviewed to ensure the benefits go to Canada and taxes will be paid in Canada as opposed to off shore trusts or similar schemes.

Canada emigration Services

We provide a full Canada immigration service to ensure that your move to Canada is simple and stress-free.  We partner with the best organisations around the world to help you with everything from shipping and foreign exchange to banking and insurance. We also provide employment preparation services so that you can begin working in Canada in the best possible way.

5) Working Holidays

It is important every country promotes themselves to the younger generation as they are the workers, investors and leaders of the future.  Canada welcomes the opportunity to bring young working holiday markers to Canada for a little work and mainly a holiday or gap year.  The immigration controls look at age, Country of origin, funds and security risk but quickly will approve most qualifying visas.  A lovely way to experience Canada without the need for longer term visas and delays.

What Does Canada Immigration look to answer?

Canada Immigration look to answer in every case look to answer four questions which I have listed below for you to understand their thinking behind every decision.  Often what they base their decision on is not available to the public as with all immigration authorities they have their own intelligence networks.

  • Conducive to the Canadian Economy
  • Conducive to the Canadian Public good
  • Not a burden on the public purse
  • Will not circumvent the immigration law

I hope this gives a little insight to Canadian Immigration and what they are looking for in you.  Complete our enquiry form for more information.

Thanks to Canada we made new friends in a new country

A lot of the time when people go to study abroad, they end up making strong connections to their host country and inevitably want to stay. We’ve helped thousands of people to achieve this over the years and here is just one example of the kind of work we do.

“Living in Toronto was always my dream and thanks to IXP it was a dream that came true. At first, I went to Canada to get my degree but wanted to work as well during my study. IXP helped me to arrange the correct visas and permits to make this possible and helped me to understand what my options would be once my studying had come to an end. Sure enough, after living in Canada for three years, I wanted to stay there with my new friends and colleagues. My degree made my case for immigration even stronger and my advisor suggested that I apply for residency through the Provincial Nomination Program. Once my case was accepted, I truly felt like a part of Canadian society. The feeling of belonging and acceptance really is something that you can't put a price on and I can't thank IXP enough for making my dreams come true.“

Since 1996 when we were founded by ex-immigration officers we have become the world's largest and most successful immigration company.  Our offices span the globe and we win cases others can not.  Over 94% of our clients would refer a friend and our success rate is second to none.

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Last Updated :March 8, 2015

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